7 Best English Breakfast Spots in Karachi

7 Best English Breakfast Spots in Karachi

English food encompasses recipes, traditions and foods associated with England. It has distinctive attributes of its own but also shares much with wider British cuisines.  English breakfast, just like the traditional English food comes in different regional variants and is referred to by different names depending on the area. It typically includes sausages, eggs and beverages such as coffee and tea.

Here is the list of best English Breakfast spots in Karachi:

  1. Xander’s Clifton

Xander’s Clifton,  located in Clifton Karachi is a very intimate and cosy spot for English Breakfast. It is a top rated restaurant in Karachi that never disappoints you in terms of food. The taste is amazing, the ambience is really good and the service is surprisingly quick. The best place for breakfast with an arrangement to eat inside the restaurant as well outside in a small comfy courtyard. Overall, surely a premium place for dining in.

  1. N’eco’s Natural Store & Cafe

Located in DHA Karachi, N’eco’s cafe is one of the best places in town.  Starting from authentically unique breakfast to decadent desserts.

It is a place where high-quality food is made with natural and organic ingredients but an ever-evolving beautiful space that is warm and welcoming run by an exceptional owner and her fine staff.  A great collection of meals from both national and international tastes can be found there easily.  You’ll surely be going to have the best breakfast experience.

  1. Chatterbox Café

One of the best casual cafe in Karachi, known for its delicious breakfast. It is a small place with a unique taste along with a clean and sleek interior.

The quality of the food is extremely good and the service is simply superb.  The name really suits the place as it is perfect for spending time and chit-chatting with your friends.

  1. Pane & Amore

Pane & Amore is a perfect place for a nice breakfast date. The food is great and the service is commendable too.   If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a nice breakfast in peace and quiet, this is the place to go. The cute little terrace is the perfect place to sit and enjoy your meal, weather permitting of course. All in all, a highly recommended place.

  1. Butlers Café

Butlers Cafe is a nice and convenient place for an expensive modern style breakfast. It is one of the finest cafes with great taste and serving size. Though it is a wide range cafe providing dining throughout the day with separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. A perfect place for chocolate and English food lovers. In addition to this, one of the chicest and amazing restaurants in the city with a European taste.  The meals comprise of breakfast, fast food and a reasonable quantity of Continental dishes.

  1. Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto is located in Block4, Clifton Karachi. It has been one of the best restaurants in Karachi for the better part of the two decades. From the ambience to service of food everything is just simply perfect. You will find English Breakfast of the highest quality. Servers are nice and trained well, the sitting area is neat and clean with good lighting and perfect temperature.

  1. Pantry

Pantry, located in Commercial area Phase 5 Karachi is a lovely place for breakfast catch up. It is known for its own breakfasts and bakery.  The food choices are very nice and the ambience compliments the cuisine. The service is good and the staff is really friendly.  A little heavy on the pocket, but still you’ll be going to have an overall great experience, one must try it once.