5 Ways to Style a Black Leather Jacket

5 Ways to Style a Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket is something that never goes out of style. There is something about this particular garment that gives the wearer a sense of confidence and the onlooker a feel of intimidation.

Many people are of the belief that this is something worn predominantly by biker chicks, rock stars, or any other such hard-core, punk rock looking people and this might have been true for the most part of history, but times have changed and so have the rules of fashion.

We live in a post-modern era which is characterized by art taking inspiration from other art or a juxtaposition of many different strains of creativity and art.

Fashion and Styling is no less than an elaborate art form and as have been showcased by many designers and fashion bloggers, we don’t have to limit ourselves to the conventional rules of fashion.

Fashion and styling now is all about fusion of different elements and a coming together of polar ideas. One such example is the styling of a black leather jacket, which for many years used to be adorned by only a certain group of people.

Here’s how you can elegantly carry a black leather jacket.

1. Prints

Polka dots, stripes, plaid and basic geometric prints all conjure up an image of a very casual, rather girly, if I may, look.

And although we’re not implying that a leather jacket is not ‘girly’, but these two don’t seem to fit well together when you try to think of it. But as has been proven, they do in fact compliment each other beautifully.

2. Fashion Blogger:

This look is more of a high end fashion blogger but with a twist.

We’re talking about a nice white dress shirt or a button down, knotted in the front, with a nice pair of light washed denim jeans coupled with a black leather jacket just thrown over the shoulders.

3. Dresses:

If stripes and polka dots with a leather jacket seem absurd to even think about, try picturing it with a flowy printed dress.

Yep, another look that can be classified under the ‘I did not know this combination was even possible!’ category. It’s a classic ‘I might look sweet, but don’t test me’ example of an outfit.

4. Leather pants:

Okay, this one is a bit more traditional but eye-catching, nonetheless. Pair up your black leather jacket with black leather pants (and relive Ross’s new year’s resolution from season five of FRIENDS).

To really radiate the bad-ass vibe, wear either thigh high black boots or black wedges along with some nice Ray Ban’s Aviators.

5. Breakfast in Paris:

This is perhaps one of the most gorgeous looks (in our opinion) in this list. It is a classy twist to the ‘I don’t care about the antiquated fashion rules’ statement.

Wear your nicely fitting jacket with a formal, classy dress or top (of the same darker colors). Part your hair in the middle (or the side, depending on your definition of a ‘classy hairstyle’) and accessorize minimally with some designer sun glasses and a clutch to go with it.