5 Wardrobe Essentials for DESI GIRL

5 Wardrobe Essentials for DESI GIRL

We’ve written a piece about wardrobe essentials that mainly featured western clothing, but what about our Desi Girl heart? There definitely come times when we want to rock a classic desi attire. Maybe that time is literally all the time. So it is nice to know beforehand what some of the basic pieces are that every desi girl should have in her wardrobe. One clear advantage that desi wardrobe has over the western one is that a change of a dupatta can completely change the whole look. You can borrow dupattas from your mother, sister, friend, aunt, grandmother, neighbor etc. and essentially enter a world of possibilities.

  • A Simple Black Shalwar Kameez:

5 Wardrobe Essentials for DESI GIRL - A Simple Black Shalwar KameezThis is the desi analog for a ‘little black dress’. It can be made to look classic, formal or casual, depending on where you’re going or what you’re feeling. A plain black kameez with a wide neckline to show off your collar bones, can be worn with a dupatta of any color, print or texture. Feeling festive? A chunri dupatta. Want to look low key yet elegant, a black sheer one. Feeling a bit confident? Rock a red dupatta with it. You see where we’re going with this? A black shalwar kameez can be made to fit any mood or vibe.

  • A White Kurta:

5 Wardrobe Essentials for DESI GIRL - A White KurtaThe same goes for this color. Again, the choice of dupatta can completely change your whole look. Or you can choose to not wear one and instead accessorize with silver steel bangles, hoops and a pair of blue aviators if you’re feeling a bit edgy. Similarly, a white kurta with brown leather accessories is a whole mood too. We’re talking about brown strappy sandals and a brown cross body leather bag. If you want to take a more traditional, stereotypical ‘good girl’ route, pair up your white Kameez with a white shalwar and soft pastels, such as baby pink, peach, cyan etc.

  • Jhumkay:

5 Wardrobe Essentials for DESI GIRL - JhumkayJhumkays have the power to up your outfit game like no other. This one particular jewelry is perfect to make you look like you actually put in effort even if all you’d done is put on your clothes and brush your hair. A pair of silver jhumkis go well with almost all colors.

  • A beige shawl:

5 Wardrobe Essentials for DESI GIRL - A beige shawl

A beige shawl is a must have for the winters. It can go with your whites just as well as with your blacks and all colors in between. A beige shawl can help neutralize your outfit if you are feeling a bit low-key. So raid your mother or grandmother’s closets to get your hands on that pretty beige shawl that they’re always using on special occasions.

  • Khussay:

5 Wardrobe Essentials for DESI GIRL - KhussayKhussays have been around for almost as long as we can recall. But they have recently made their way back onto the top with the introduction of embellished, bejeweled ones that are perfect for any shaadi, eid or other such festivities. For a more casual but fun and festive look, you can always trust your classic colorful ones that you’ve grown up wearing and loving.