5 Best Nihari Places in Lahore

5 Best Nihari Places in Lahore

People of Lahore are outgoing and energetic. You will always find Lahoris celebrating almost every festival they can, starting from Eid to Basant, Festival of Lamps or Mela Chiraghan, the National Horse and Cattle show, Pakistan Army and Pakistan Airforce parades etc.

Basically, living in Lahore is all about celebrating life.

When we are talking about celebration it stays incomplete without food. Lahoris are great foodies. They welcome their guests with a warm heart and numerous palatable dishes.

Lahore is also famous for its majestic Nihari- a mouthwatering thick, brown dish containing tender meat and garnished heavily with spices. You can find Nihari almost in every corner of the city including Anarkali, Mozang, Lakshmi Chowk, Abbot Road, and the Walled City etc.

While you are visiting Lahore do not return home without tasting the grandiose Nihari.

  1. Waris Nihari

Waris Nihari house is the best place to eat Nihari in Lahore, located at the Aabkari Road in New Anarkali.

Waris Nihari was established 35 years ago by its owner Waris Sahib who was once a butcher in the town. There was a time when Waris sahib used to cook the Nihari by himself. Since the business has expanded and grown bigger he now has experienced chefs to do that for him.

Even now Waris Sahib visits his eatery every day and brings all the ingredients and groceries like meat, spices, and vegetables needed to prepare the Nihari. He supervises everything with a meticulous eye as the Nihari is being cooked in the kitchen. Once the Nihari is ready this man leaves the place.

The Nihari is cooked twice a day to make sure that the customers are being served fresh Nihari and this sincerity has been the main reason that the quality of the food never went down.

  1. Muhammadi Nihari

Muhammadi Nihari is located in Mozang and as soon as you will enter the place a strong aroma will hit your nose increasing your appetite. You will find the waiters wearing caps to make sure that no hair can fall into the plates of the customers. Now it is really good to see an eatery maintaining high standards for keeping their food fresh and hygienic.

Muhammadi Nihari will look perfect showcasing the anticipated brown color, the thick and oily texture with a big piece of well-cooked beef will be served abundantly on your plate which is much more than what a half plate could generally hold.

  1. Hajji Nihari

Hajji Nihari is a renowned name located at the Jail Road in a narrow street off the side lane. You will also find another branch located at the Lohari Gate.

Hajji Nihari is offering this traditional dish for many years and their special Nihari takes almost 24 hours to prepare. They still use the same spice that they had used decades ago.

You can order Nihari here with Nalli and Maghaz or Khameer roti to enjoy its perfect taste.

Nihari is mainly eaten during the winter so the owners have faced some losses in the summers. The financial losses have made them introduce foods like Paratha and raita to keep their business flourishing almost every season.

  1. Chit Chaat

Chit Chaat is located at 4 Jail Road.

It is a promising restaurant offering “Des ka Fast Food” in the contemporary style.

The restaurant showcases funky decoration having walls painted in green color, nicely complimenting the wooden ceilings. You can also see one or two pleasant artworks hung over the wall.

Chit Chaat was launched to provide people the most popular local street foods on a healthy, nutritious and hygienic platter. You should try their Nihari fresh in the morning.

  1. Dogar Restaurant

Doger Restaurant is located at DHA Phase 1.

Anyone who prefers sophisticated and well cult dining places instead of local ones this place is the most appropriate one for you.

They will offer you a long list of drooling dishes and cuisines but you must try their Beef Nihari, Mutton Nihari or Chicken Nihari from the special nashta platter during breakfast. Enjoy a great quality Nihari at a reasonable price in a comforting atmosphere at Doger.