5 Best Mutton Karahi Outlets in Lahore


Mutton Karahi has been one of the brilliant specialties of Lahore’s cuisine which is prepared by Lahori chefs with great care and nourishment. This is the reason for which Lahore’s Mutton Karahi has always driven the mutton fans crazy, with its delicious offering.

The mutton Karahi in Lahore is prepared using Desi spices, flavors, and cooking method. This succulent dish becomes even more flavorful when eaten with warmly served Basmati Rice, Roti or Naan.

The amazing aroma and flavors of the Mutton Karahi are the reason to become a greedy eater and visit the best restaurant possible in the town to satisfy your taste buds.

Here is a list for top Karahi hubs in Lahore.

1. Khan Baba Restaurant:

5 Best Mutton Karahi Outlets in Lahore - Khan Baba RestaurantKhan Baba is located at the Lower Mall Road and has earned a name for its extraordinary food quality.

All the food is cooked in Desi pure ghee including the awesome Mutton Karahi. The moment you step at this eatery the amazing aroma of Desi Ghee will heighten your appetite for sure.

You can also try their outstanding Mutton Pulao, Mutton Qurma, and Lassi. The outdoor seating area may not be too comfortable but that is compensated by their best quality food.

2. Butt Karahi Tikka:

5 Best Mutton Karahi Outlets in Lahore - Butt Karahi Tikka

Butt Karahi is located at 17 Temple Road, in Safanwala Chowk.

Butt Karahi is very popular among the Lahori students for heavenly offerings. Their Mutton Karahi is freshly cooked with mild spices. You can also try their Gajjar Halwa which is prepared with Desi ghee and khoya.

3. Shaheen Shinwari:

5 Best Mutton Karahi Outlets in Lahore - Shaheen Shinwari

Shaheen Shinwari is located at the 13-C1 Abul Hassan Isfahani Rd, in Faisal Town.

Shaheen’s kitchen offers Mutton specialties including Mutton Karahi, Mutton Handi, and Mutton Khara Masala which are deliciously cooked and reasonably priced. You can also try their Chicken Karahi cooked with olive oil for healthy nourishment.

Their Staff is courteous and quick. The seating arrangements are good for adults but if you take your kids along with you, do not use their baby chair.

4. Qabail:

5 Best Mutton Karahi Outlets in Lahore - Qabail

Qabail is located at a peaceful spot in 46-A MM Alam Rd.

This restaurant holds a great reputation for its pungent Afghani taste and exotic flavors. It has set a separate menu for mutton dishes titled the Mutton Corner.

At Qabail’s Mutton Corner you would find drooling Mutton Karahi, decent Mutton Handi, delicious Mutton Tawa Qeema and awesome Mutton brains all in this same place.

The restaurant’s ambiance is inspired by the traditional Pashtoon culture and seating arrangements are made on the floor as per the tribal norms. If you do not feel comfortable sitting on the floor you may take your seat at the tables as both are available.

After placing your orders you will have to wait for some time because all their dishes are prepared and served fresh by their Pathan chefs.

You can spend your waiting time gazing at the walls as they are beautifully carved with the artworks displaying the history and tales of Pathan tribesmen.

5. Sarhad Hotel:

5 Best Mutton Karahi Outlets in Lahore - Sarhad Hotel

Sarhad is located at the Gurumangat Road, in Jinnah Park.

If you care more about nicely decorated places then this is not for you. If ambiance does not bother you much then you can definitely visit this restaurant for their phenomenal Karahis and Tikkas.

Sarhad is famous for their mouthwatering Mutton and Dumba Karahi but their Mutton Handi is great as well. You should also try their awesome Charbi Tikkas, a dish prepared by skewing animal fats.

This place is more suitable for hanging out with friends than with family for lunch or dinners. If you are a smoker you will be relieved to hear that there is a separate smoking area in this restaurant.