3 Cafes in Lahore Offering Best Molten Lava Cake

3 Cafes in Lahore Offering Best Molten Lava Cake

We cannot buy happiness with money but we can definitely order a molten lava cake at a restaurant, which is almost the same thing as buying delight with the cash.

The outer crust of the molten lava cake is soft and moist and as soon as you cut through it in the middle, the warm chocolate will ooze out of it just like the ferocious lava sliding down the edges of a steep mountain.

Though molten lava cakes are quite popular among the urban Pakistanis you will only find a few restaurants serving this dessert on their menu.

Despite the baking complications, these are the 3 places that you can visit to have the best-molten lava cake in Lahore.

1. Arcadian Cafe:

3 Cafes in Lahore Offering Best Molten Lava Cake - Arcadian CafeThe Arcadian Cafe has an extensive menu with so many healthy options to choose from. The dishes look drooling and the moment you take a bite, they taste heavenly.

But when it comes to desserts, Arcadian Cafe is a clear winner. They prepare the best cakes in town and every chocolate lover will love their delighting dessert.

This cafe is decorated with a stylish interior and displays an enticing atmosphere for food romantics. The cuisines are quite creative and the food is served in large and satisfactory portions. You can also have fine dining with your kids as this cafe is very child-friendly.

You just need to watch out on the staff which in my opinion is the only drawback for Arcadian Cafe. Recently, some complaints were flourishing on social media which reported about the unprofessional behavior of the staff.

2. English Tea House:

3 Cafes in Lahore Offering Best Molten Lava Cake - English Tea HouseThe molten lava cake served at this restaurant will become one of your favorite desserts for sure.

The outer crust of the molten lava cake is soft and spongy molded in chocolate flavor while the inner core is filled with a scoop of chilled vanilla ice cream, leaving a soothing taste on your tongue.

In case you want to treat your taste buds with spicy foods, English Tea House can be a good bait to fulfill your wish at any time.

Their breakfast menu is full of spicy items and all the entrees taste decent. They prepare good quality sandwiches, lovable fruit chat, crunchy chicken wings, and pakoras to make your evening feel great.

The management team of the English Tea House has done a commendable job to create a friendly atmosphere at this place. The ambiance of the restaurant displays a stylish and fashionable look that many of you would probably like.

The staff is well behaved and polite.

3. Happy Ending:

3 Cafes in Lahore Offering Best Molten Lava Cake - Happy EndingLet’s face this!

In real life, endings are the saddest parts, but having luscious molten lava cake right after finishing a good meal can offer a lot of happiness on your plate.

Just spend 300 PKR at this restaurant and you will be finding a delicate dessert on your dining table to end your meal. Their molten lava is definitely of 5-star quality.

Happy Ending has mastered the art of preparing desserts really well. Their Cream Brule is brilliant, Bread Pudding is mouthwatering and the chocolate cheesecake is simply irresistible.

You may also try their soft strawberry cheesecake which is no less than a soothing delight on your taste buds.

Happy Ending has made wonderful sitting arrangements for their visitors at the rooftop where the atmosphere and the aura are pleasing and enjoyable. They provide gratifying customer service and at times the owners visit the restaurant to check everything by themselves.